responsible gemstones

November 4-5, 2016 Initiatives in Art and Culture: Pioneers

I attended the Initiatives in Art and Culture Gold Conference in April of 2016, and was struck by how singular–and enlightening–the experience was. As a presenter, I had an opportunity to share ideas about social media and responsible sourcing, and as a participant, I heard experts share their thoughts in a relaxed way. Outside of [...]

#idazzletravels: Come See Me at the Initiatives in Art and Culture Gold Conference!

This has been an exciting (and poignant) year so far. There is a lot going on in the jewelry world, and I’m trying to participate where I can. In addition to writing about interesting designers and traveling to trade shows to see the latest collections…

The Jewelry Industry Summit March 2016

I had a very enjoyable and informative discussion with Lisa Bridge, of Ben Bridge Jeweler, in her office in downtown Seattle. As we passed a room full of watchmakers working on customer repairs, Lisa explained the roots of the family business…

Announcing…ANZA Gems

I have an exciting project I’m finally ready to announce officially–ANZA Gems! Many of you know that I have traveled to East Africa several times since 2014. You can read about my adventures going into a mine, buying rough gemstones, and why you need to pack toilet paper. I was struck by the passion and [...]

Sharing the Rough Documentary Coming to Seattle–and a Theater Near You!

Movies are brilliant. They capture our imagination as nothing else can: we’re transfixed by the big screen and stereo sound, and time passes unnoticed. Maybe that is why I’m so excited that there is a full length documentary devoted to…