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#idazzlepicks: The CJDG Cindy Edelstein Memorial Auction

I’m stunned, excited, and can barely tear myself away from watching the bidding on the CJDG Cindy Edelstein Memorial Auction…so many incredible jewelry designers have donated jewelry for an auction in Cindy Edelstein’s name to benefit Jewelers for Children, and a special Women’s Jewelry Association scholarship fund bearing her name. I’m excited because this idea […]

Las Vegas Jewelry Week 2014: My Favorite Jewels

It’s hard to describe Jewelry Market Week to the uninitiated. I’m sorry, but the JCK Vegas Show and the Couture Event are just NOT the same as a trade show for…soap, or office products. How to articulate the sparkle, the catch in the throat? How to describe the…

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Sydney Lynch

Sydney Lynch occupies the intersection where jewelry meets true sculpture. From the distilled essences of landscapes, to a suggested tribal layout of gems and patterns, Sydney…