Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: A Conversation with Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry

Pamela Froman is a jewelry designer with her own unapologetically distinctive style. Besides the astonishing gemstones Pamela features, her jewelry is instantly recognizable for its textured finish, which she brands as…

A Visit to LuxeIntelligence

While I was in New York City recently for jewelry market week and the Women’s Jewelry Association Gala, I took the opportunity to drop by LuxeIntelligence. LuxeIntelligence is a new endeavour from industry experts Andrea Hansen and Courtney Cohen

WWMW (What Would Monica Wear)? WJA Awards for Excellence Gala

I’m back from New York City and the Women’s Jewelry Association Awards for Excellence Gala. I didn’t win, in case you were wondering. The lovely Melissa Colgan from Martha Stewart Weddings took the Award for Excellence in Media…