Luxe Intelligence

#idazzlepicks: ELEUTERIO Filigree at Luxe Intelligence JCK

At the recent Luxury by JCK show in Las Vegas, I was so happy to stumble in to the Luxe Intelligence booth. Actually, “booth” does not do the space justice: it was a spectacularly curated collection…

There Is No Such Thing As A Semi-Precious Gem

We need to ditch the semi-precious phrase. Stat.

In our overwhelming human need to stratify and rank, the jewelry industry ended up with a few arbitrary jewels crowned as the pinnacle. “Precious” gemstones: ruby, sapphire, and emerald. The rest: lumped…

A Visit to LuxeIntelligence

While I was in New York City recently for jewelry market week and the Women’s Jewelry Association Gala, I took the opportunity to drop by LuxeIntelligence. LuxeIntelligence is a new endeavour from industry experts Andrea Hansen and Courtney Cohen