Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Daria de Koning Fine Jewelry

While in New York City recently, I got to meet an artist I’ve admired on Twitter (the source of a lot of interesting and unexpected friendships), Daria de Koning. We met at her studio, a fun and functional space in the Tribeca neighborhood…

A Visit to LuxeIntelligence

While I was in New York City recently for jewelry market week and the Women’s Jewelry Association Gala, I took the opportunity to drop by LuxeIntelligence. LuxeIntelligence is a new endeavour from industry experts Andrea Hansen and Courtney Cohen

WWMW (What Would Monica Wear)? Jewelry Show Edition

A group of my friends sometimes ask WWMW (What Would Monica Wear)? I am incredibly flattered, with a healthy dose of blushing self-consciousness. For instance…