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Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Wendy Yue

Wendy Yue makes jewelry designs that are like something from a dream. A world where lily pads are made up of layers of emeralds and tsavorites, fairies nod their heads in ombre sapphires, or an enchanted rose from a fairy tale wraps around your throat…

A Serpent in the Garden: Year of the Snake Jewelry

Serpents have long been a popular motif in jewelry. The duality of fascination and fear keeps snakes recurring in jewelry, from ancient times to the present. Snakes have represented fertility, rebirth, immortality, desire, and eternity. No matter what they represent…

Jewelry Giveaway: Jewelry Gift Guide and Giveaway

I am so thrilled to announce an exciting jewelry giveaway sponsored by! One lucky reader is going to WIN a $750 Gift Card to to apply towards any piece of jewelry on their website!