December, 2014

#idazzledesires: 100 Good Deeds Gemfields Bracelet (as seen on Mila Kunis)

For this Holiday Season, I will be featuring a different designer, experience or idea each day. Over the six years of this blog, I’ve done jewelry gift ideas under $500, and Luxury lists, and everything in between. This year is about…

#idazzletravels Gemstone Adventures: a Mine in Kenya

On a recent Monday, I saw a posting on Facebook by Gichuchu Okeno, a miner, gem dealer and all-around Kenyan Renaissance man about progress at his tsavorite garnet mine in southern Kenya. Me, making a (relatively idle) Facebook comment…

#idazzletravels: 2014 Arusha Gem Show in Tanzania

“Karibu!” This word means welcome in Swahili, and welcomed I was throughout my visit to Tanzania. The word feels like a hug when spoken by the generous residents of Arusha. I traveled to Tanzania for the November 2014 Arusha Gem Fair