#idazzletravels Gemstone Adventures: a Mine in Kenya

On a recent Monday, I saw a posting on Facebook by Gichuchu Okeno, a miner, gem dealer and all-around Kenyan Renaissance man about progress at his tsavorite garnet mine in southern Kenya. Me, making a (relatively idle) Facebook comment…

“Everyone Is a Writer”

I had a situation this week that made me question–at least for a few angsty moments–idazzle.com and what I do with my time. A month or two ago, I made a proposal to an organization. They must have liked my idea: they did almost exactly what I proposed…

Poem in Your Pocket Day: Grandmother’s Hands

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Grandma lately. Not so much about the last few years of her life, though she was still lucid and vibrant until the very end at age 92, but about when I was still a child. Her house. Her piano, never silent at family gatherings…

On My Way…idazzle Goes to Africa

Ok, this is it! In a few hours I am boarding a plane that takes me, eventually, to Tanzania. From there, we’ll go on to Kenya. Some of the film crew from Sharing the Rough are already there, so you get a sneak peek below of what I will be seeing once I arrive on [...]

Happy Holidays from idazzle.com!

The children are nestled all snug in their beds… I need to go be Santa now, but wanted to wish everyone a wonderful, healthy, happy holiday season. Here’s to hope, peace, art, reflection, beauty, joy and love now and in the New Year. XOXOXO, Monica

Musings: What Children Know That Grown-ups Could Learn From

I hope that you can allow me a bit of a departure. To preface this, you should know the following. Here is how I think I spend my time: Here is how I actually spend my time: So there are a couple of things that are very important in my life: jewelry and my children. [...]

Summer Inspiration: Bali

I just got back from Bali, and thought I would pause for a little reflection. I feel like I need to share it, to make it real for someone else; hang on to it just a little longer. So, yes, Bali (the locals call it ball-EE) is a tropical paradise. But it’s more than that. [...]

Green is Good: Green Smoothie Recipe

I’m sure I’ll be writing about a lot of green gems this year, but this is another shade of green! Yesterday’s post garnered more attention for my green smoothie recipe than for the jewelry featured! Since so many of you requested it, I figured it deserved a mention…

Jewelry to Benefit Sandy Relief: Joan Hornig Necklace

We are all struggling to comprehend the damage and destruction caused by Superstorm Sandy. A friend in Manhattan described life there as a “new world now”. I am always inspired…

Summer Inspiration: Cote d’Azur

No, idazzle hasn’t morphed into a travel blog. I feel like I need to explain my hiatus a little, and share some beauty from my recent travels. Here are a few photos that might help explain where I’ve been and where my summer inspiration is coming from. What inspires you?