The Couture Show

Ode to Las Vegas Jewelry Week: A Love Letter

Beginning. #vegasshoes packed, outfits sorted. Business cards and chargers and advil, but always always one thing forgotten. Eyes bright, voice fresh, words come easily. Never mind that we’ve never met; we are united in beauty, humbled by gems. A day measured in increments: 5 carrot sticks, 3 pees, 1 cakepop, 40 images, not enough Instagram […]

What’s New, Wendy Yue? Wendy Yue Jewellery at the Couture Show

One of my favorite jewelry designers to see at the Couture Show is Wendy Yue. It might be the colors, layers, fantastic forms, each piece more intriguing than the last that draws me. It’s a little like entering Wendy’s dream world…