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November 4-5, 2016 Initiatives in Art and Culture: Pioneers

I attended the Initiatives in Art and Culture Gold Conference in April of 2016, and was struck by how singular–and enlightening–the experience was. As a presenter, I had an opportunity to share ideas about social media and responsible sourcing, and as a participant, I heard experts share their thoughts in a relaxed way. Outside of [...]

The Jewelry Industry Summit March 2016

I had a very enjoyable and informative discussion with Lisa Bridge, of Ben Bridge Jeweler, in her office in downtown Seattle. As we passed a room full of watchmakers working on customer repairs, Lisa explained the roots of the family business…

Announcing…ANZA Gems

I have an exciting project I’m finally ready to announce officially–ANZA Gems! Many of you know that I have traveled to East Africa several times since 2014. You can read about my adventures going into a mine, buying rough gemstones, and why you need to pack toilet paper. I was struck by the passion and [...]

Sharing the Rough Documentary Coming to Seattle–and a Theater Near You!

Movies are brilliant. They capture our imagination as nothing else can: we’re transfixed by the big screen and stereo sound, and time passes unnoticed. Maybe that is why I’m so excited that there is a full length documentary devoted to…

CJDG In The Studio with Jennifer Dawes

As the Editor of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group website, I’m excited about our new “In the Studio” series! Combining travel and jewelry is my favorite thing to do, and visiting jewelry designers in the spaces where they create…

The Year (Decade?) of Magical Thinking

Do you ever have that vortex-of-time thing happen to you? Where hours go by while you are with someone or doing something, and it’s never enough time? This happened to me about a week ago, when Jennifer Dawes of Dawes Design was visiting Seattle. Jennifer is a talented…

Thoroughly Modern Mother’s Day Jewelry

Sorry that it has been a while since you’ve heard from me. It seems that #idazzletravels got a little out of control, but if you follow me on Instagram, you generally know where in the world I’ve been in the past weeks. In my travels, I have seen a few fun ideas for Mother’s Day, [...]

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Jennifer Dawes of Dawes Design

Jennifer Dawes of Dawes Design has made sustainable, responsible jewelry since launching her first collection in 2000. Each piece of jewelry, celebrating natural materials and a pure, essential aesthetic, is handmade on site…