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Organic Alchemy: Raw, Rustic Jewelry

Sometimes, you just like it rough. There is a movement, picking up steam, that celebrates jewelry in an organic style. This is not an old-school ideal of precision and alignment, polish and perfection, down to the inclusion-free gemstones so carefully set. This is jewelry with heft and soul, bearing the marks of its creation. Akin […]

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Garvin Fine Jewelry

Elizabeth Garvin makes jewelry that plays with pure essence. She refines and extracts forms down to their simplest–almost mathematical–form. All hand-made in her New York City studio…

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Michael Good

Michael Good is a jewelry designer, artist, and metalsmith who transcends all of those titles in the jewelry industry. It has been over 35 years since Michael took a workshop that demonstrated putting a curve in a flat sheet of metal…