Sharing the Rough jewelry film

Sharing the Rough Uncut: Adventures in Rough Gemstone Buying

Our days are dense with experiences…

Today we’re on location at a local gem dealer’s office in Voi, Kenya! It’s an exciting day, to say the least. Not only are we on set, we’re in front of the camera!
The filming process is…

BYOTP or Tips for Travel in Africa

I was very lucky, preparing for my trip to Africa with Sharing the Rough jewelry documentary, to have expert guidance from Roger Dery. Roger has been to Africa something like nineteen times, and has assembled extremely helpful information…

To Africa, With Love

I’m not sure anything or anyone can fully prepare a westerner for a trip to Africa. I went in to this adventure thinking I knew what to expect. And then I arrived. East Africa is a land of contrasts and contradictions. There is no infrastructure. I had expectations of spotty wi-fi, iffy cell coverage. We […]

On My Way…idazzle Goes to Africa

Ok, this is it! In a few hours I am boarding a plane that takes me, eventually, to Tanzania. From there, we’ll go on to Kenya. Some of the film crew from Sharing the Rough are already there, so you get a sneak peek below of what I will be seeing once I arrive on […]