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Ode to Las Vegas Jewelry Week: A Love Letter

Beginning. #vegasshoes packed, outfits sorted. Business cards and chargers and advil, but always always one thing forgotten. Eyes bright, voice fresh, words come easily. Never mind that we’ve never met; we are united in beauty, humbled by gems. A day measured in increments: 5 carrot sticks, 3 pees, 1 cakepop, 40 images, not enough Instagram […]

Las Vegas Jewelry Week 2014: The People Edition

Leaving the JCK Las Vegas and Couture jewelry shows, I was exhausted. My toes bled. I think I collectively slept about 11 hours in 6 days. But when it came time to say goodbye to friends, I was wishing for a later flight…

WWMW (What Would Monica Wear)? WJA Awards for Excellence Gala

I’m back from New York City and the Women’s Jewelry Association Awards for Excellence Gala. I didn’t win, in case you were wondering. The lovely Melissa Colgan from Martha Stewart Weddings took the Award for Excellence in Media…