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idazzle Diamond Prices iPhone App is Now Free!

Exciting news–the iPhone Diamond Prices app we launched in November 2009 is now free! We look forward to helping even more people with researching a competitive price they should pay in a physical jewelry store…

idazzle Diamond Prices iPhone App Launches!

We designed the idazzle Diamond Prices iPhone application to help you make a very informed diamond decision at a local jeweler. Before shopping, or even at the store, you can use the nifty interface to instantly get the best price…

Valuable Tips for Buying a Diamond From a Jewelry Store

I just did a post about buying a diamond online, but buying a diamond in person from a physical jewelry store needs its own set of rules. These tips could apply to buying any piece of jewelry…

Valuable Tips for Buying a Diamond Online

These tips could apply to buying just about any jewelry category. But they are especially helpful for buying a diamond engagement ring online…

Ever Wonder About the "2 Months Salary" Guideline? Check this out.

This may be tantamount to heresy in the jewelry industry, but I have never been a fan of De Beer’s 2 Month Salary guideline.  In case you haven’t ever heard about this, De Beers, in their ever-present marketing, delicately suggest spending the equivalent of 2 months of your salary on a diamond engagement ring.  When asked about […]

Cellini Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Santa, I think you forgot this… Regards, platinumgirl PS: I have been VERY good this year Updated 4/9/2009:  Considering how much traffic this page gets (a LOT), I thought I should get some more information about these rings.  I spoke to Danielle at the Cellini store in the Hotel Waldorf-Astoria in NYC (Cellini also has a […]

The Road to Happiness is Paved in Diamonds

For at least the past 5 years, jewelry designers have been sneaking small diamonds into unexpected places on engagement rings.  I think it started with the vintage-style designers like Jack Kelege and Michael Beaudry, who used accent diamonds and hand engraving to create new Estate-looking rings.  In the past year or so, it has reached a peak of covering […]