Orin Mazzoni III

Guest Post: Rachel Dery, The Magic of a Picture

I am so thrilled to announce my FIRST EVER GUEST POST for idazzle.com! I can’t think of a better inaugural post than this account from Rachel Dery. Rachel is the daughter of very special people in the industry, Ginger and Roger Dery, gem cutter, dealer, and philanthropist…

To Africa, With Love

I’m not sure anything or anyone can fully prepare a westerner for a trip to Africa. I went in to this adventure thinking I knew what to expect. And then I arrived. East Africa is a land of contrasts and contradictions. There is no infrastructure. I had expectations of spotty wi-fi, iffy cell coverage. We […]

idazzle Goes to Africa: First Days and Impressions

As I was on my way to Africa to join the crew making Sharing the Rough, I had some thoughts about making a trip to Africa that was focused on the gem mining trade. I’ll be posting more about what I’ve actually experienced…