one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry

Ode to Las Vegas Jewelry Week: A Love Letter

Beginning. #vegasshoes packed, outfits sorted. Business cards and chargers and advil, but always always one thing forgotten. Eyes bright, voice fresh, words come easily. Never mind that we’ve never met; we are united in beauty, humbled by gems. A day measured in increments: 5 carrot sticks, 3 pees, 1 cakepop, 40 images, not enough Instagram […]

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Pamela Huizenga Jewelry at Couture

It always starts with the shiny things. Children’s pockets full of interesting bits, collected throughout a day: stones, fossils, crystals. Like magpies, we’re drawn to the treasure hunt. For Pamela Huizenga, her fascination with color and gemstones began this way…