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Jewelry Designer Spotlight: An Interview with Meus Designs

I get a lot of suggestions and submissions about new designers from a variety of sources. It’s what makes my job interesting. But every once in a while, I see something that makes me drop my boots off the desk…

idazzle Exclusive: Martin Katz Jewelry at the 2011 Golden Globes

A little birdie told me last week that Martin Katz would have some amazing representation on the Red Carpet at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards…

Designer Spotlight: An Interview with Jewelry Designer Christian Tse

Have you SEEN the fancy color diamond pieces by Christian Tse in publications like Town and Country, Martha Stewart Weddings and Engagement 101? I thought you should get a glimpse…

Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2010

Here are the Top 5 Trends for engagement ring designs that I have seen online, in stores, and on people’s hands…

Leon Mege, The Most Beautiful Rings In The World?

I have been ushered into an inner sanctum in the heart of the Diamond District of 47th St, NYC. And my life may never be the same. I first stumbled upon Leon Mege and his custom platinum ring designs online…

Ever Wonder About the "2 Months Salary" Guideline? Check this out.

This may be tantamount to heresy in the jewelry industry, but I have never been a fan of De Beer’s 2 Month Salary guideline.  In case you haven’t ever heard about this, De Beers, in their ever-present marketing, delicately suggest spending the equivalent of 2 months of your salary on a diamond engagement ring.  When asked about […]

Kiss My (Royal) Asscher…

…Asscher Cut diamond, that is.  Asscher cuts have been making waves since the early 1900’s.  If you’re not familiar, the name refers to stunningly beautiful, modified square-cut diamonds.  They sort of speak for themselves, don’t you think? What is an Asscher Cut and what makes it special?   Asscher cuts have a wonderfully rich history.  The […]

I Heart Valentine’s Day Heart Pendants

Heart pendants are one of those polarizing jewelry items: people either love them or they don’t.  I think they can be wonderful–good heart design does not have to be an oxymoron.  If they are done well, hearts can be beautiful and very romantic.   You are wearing a tangible symbol: someone loves you! There are a lot of […]

Designer Spotlight: Mark Patterson

Mark Patterson creates beautiful jewelry in colored gems and diamonds.  I worked with his designs for a number of years when I was with a couple of independent jewelers.  The first designs I fell in love with were mostly colored gemstones that were used with varying intensities and pave-set into designs that showed off the amazing […]

Cellini Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Santa, I think you forgot this… Regards, platinumgirl PS: I have been VERY good this year Updated 4/9/2009:  Considering how much traffic this page gets (a LOT), I thought I should get some more information about these rings.  I spoke to Danielle at the Cellini store in the Hotel Waldorf-Astoria in NYC (Cellini also has a […]