Great Estate: Vintage Jewels in Seattle

I love estate and vintage jewelry. Not in a crazy, pile-it-on, Rhinestone-Rosie sort of way. More like the occasional platinum-deco sort of way…

What to do with Bernie Madoff's Jewelry?

Bernard Madoff’s jewelry has turned out to be a star player in the unfolding drama of his giant Ponzi scheme.  First, prosecutors moved to freeze his assets in January 2009, since he and his wife shipped more than a $1 million dollars worth of jewelry and watches to friends and relatives (I think there were 16 watches, […]

How Do I Sell My Jewelry?

I have been asked this question a number of times in my career, and it always makes my heart squeeze a little.  There are many different scenarios where people might need to sell jewelry.  Maybe the engagement or marriage didn’t work out, sometimes there are financial hardships, or maybe someone inherited Aunt Harriet’s ring and just […]

Cellini Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Santa, I think you forgot this… Regards, platinumgirl PS: I have been VERY good this year Updated 4/9/2009:  Considering how much traffic this page gets (a LOT), I thought I should get some more information about these rings.  I spoke to Danielle at the Cellini store in the Hotel Waldorf-Astoria in NYC (Cellini also has a […]

Markets Down…Diamonds Glitter

With the economic crises at hand, I figured this would be a timely place to start with my blog. I’m taking a break from burying cash in my back yard in coffee cans (just kidding, I don’t have coffee cans) and…