#idazzletravels Gemstone Adventures: a Mine in Kenya

On a recent Monday, I saw a posting on Facebook by Gichuchu Okeno, a miner, gem dealer and all-around Kenyan Renaissance man about progress at his tsavorite garnet mine in southern Kenya. Me, making a (relatively idle) Facebook comment…

#idazzletravels: 2014 Arusha Gem Show in Tanzania

“Karibu!” This word means welcome in Swahili, and welcomed I was throughout my visit to Tanzania. The word feels like a hug when spoken by the generous residents of Arusha. I traveled to Tanzania for the November 2014 Arusha Gem Fair

Diamond 4 Cs, Version 2.0

It seems that most jewelry sites have almost the same diamond education information out there, verbatim.  There is a difference between providing technical information versus explaining how to interpret and use the information practically when shopping for diamonds.  Here is an abbreviated primer, with my notes based on helping customers select the right diamond. Cut:  I […]