East African gem trade

Sharing the Rough Documentary Coming to Seattle–and a Theater Near You!

Movies are brilliant. They capture our imagination as nothing else can: we’re transfixed by the big screen and stereo sound, and time passes unnoticed. Maybe that is why I’m so excited that there is a full length documentary devoted to…

Sharing the Rough Day Two: Another Facet of Africa

Day two in Africa with the Sharing the Rough* film documentary team illustrated how East Africans are adding value to the gem trade there. It was a visceral reminder that hope and significance can come from unlikely places…

To Africa, With Love

I’m not sure anything or anyone can fully prepare a westerner for a trip to Africa. I went in to this adventure thinking I knew what to expect. And then I arrived. East Africa is a land of contrasts and contradictions. There is no infrastructure. I had expectations of spotty wi-fi, iffy cell coverage. We […]