Designer Spotlight: An Interview with Jewelry Designer evelynH

One of the more enjoyable perks is that I get to interview fantastic jewelry designers. I love getting a glimpse into their world…

Ever Wonder About the "2 Months Salary" Guideline? Check this out.

This may be tantamount to heresy in the jewelry industry, but I have never been a fan of De Beer’s 2 Month Salary guideline.  In case you haven’t ever heard about this, De Beers, in their ever-present marketing, delicately suggest spending the equivalent of 2 months of your salary on a diamond engagement ring.  When asked about […]

Virtual Purchase: 3-Stone Diamond Ring

What:  For this Virtual Purchase, I am focusing on a ring with 3 round diamonds: a center diamond that is larger, with proportionally smaller round diamonds on the sides, in white gold or platinum in several total weights (adding all the carat weights of the stones together, abbreviated as TW):  1/2 ct TW, 1 ct TW, and 2 ct TW.  I didn’t […]

Cellini Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Santa, I think you forgot this… Regards, platinumgirl PS: I have been VERY good this year Updated 4/9/2009:  Considering how much traffic this page gets (a LOT), I thought I should get some more information about these rings.  I spoke to Danielle at the Cellini store in the Hotel Waldorf-Astoria in NYC (Cellini also has a […]

Markets Down…Diamonds Glitter

With the economic crises at hand, I figured this would be a timely place to start with my blog. I’m taking a break from burying cash in my back yard in coffee cans (just kidding, I don’t have coffee cans) and…