November 4-5, 2016 Initiatives in Art and Culture: Pioneers

I attended the Initiatives in Art and Culture Gold Conference in April of 2016, and was struck by how singular–and enlightening–the experience was. As a presenter, I had an opportunity to share ideas about social media and responsible sourcing, and as a participant, I heard experts share their thoughts in a relaxed way. Outside of [...]

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Jenny Reeves San Francisco

It is my great pleasure to combine two favorite passions whenever possible: travel and jewelry. Travel is necessary for my perspective, knowledge, and empathy. I try to fuse travel with visiting jewelry designers on their turf…

American Jewelry Design Council Exhibition at the Forbes Galleries NYC

For 25 years, the American Jewelry Design Council has been promoting the work of independent American jewelry artists. Before this important non-profit started in 1988, the perception was that only European-trained masters could be revered for their innovative designs…