Private Clients

Fine jewelry design has never been so exciting as it is today. Many designers are creating jewelry–mini sculptures, really–by hand, in their own studios or in the workshops of true craftspeople. Designs that are exciting and fresh, whether using cutting-edge technology or age-old techniques.

My passion and mission is to connect these artists with collectors who appreciate the nuances of these designs.

Private client collectors: If you see something on this site, or out in the world that speaks to you, contact me below. I have a showroom that houses a number of fine artisan jewelry designers, each representing the finest quality of their craft. Even if I don’t represent them here, I can connect you to someone who can help you learn more about the artist, and see their jewelry in person.

Jewelry Designers: I can represent your work to consumers, press, and retailers through online media, print, and social media. Contact me below for more information.