Silver Jewelry

Organic Alchemy: Raw, Rustic Jewelry

Sometimes, you just like it rough. There is a movement, picking up steam, that celebrates jewelry in an organic style. This is not an old-school ideal of precision and alignment, polish and perfection, down to the inclusion-free gemstones so carefully set. This is jewelry with heft and soul, bearing the marks of its creation. Akin […]

Thoroughly Modern Mother’s Day Jewelry

Sorry that it has been a while since you’ve heard from me. It seems that #idazzletravels got a little out of control, but if you follow me on Instagram, you generally know where in the world I’ve been in the past weeks. In my travels, I have seen a few fun ideas for Mother’s Day, […]

#idazzledesires: Todd Reed Jewelry Gifts for Men

I thought I would be featuring one item for today’s #idazzledesires holiday jewelry gift idea. I truly did. But when I went through images for men’s gifts, I just couldn’t winnow. You see my dilemma, right? We can’t forget the guys on our lists…

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Pamela Huizenga Jewelry at Couture

It always starts with the shiny things. Children’s pockets full of interesting bits, collected throughout a day: stones, fossils, crystals. Like magpies, we’re drawn to the treasure hunt. For Pamela Huizenga, her fascination with color and gemstones began this way…

What She Really Wants for Mother’s Day

As far as holidays go, Mother’s Day is special. Gifts need careful consideration, an extra thoughtfulness. Certainly, jewelry is appreciated. Who wouldn’t want a small box, a total surprise, a lump-in-the-throat sense of anticipation? And you get the… Jewelry Trunk Show

It’s been quite a year for In November 2013, I hosted a jewelry trunk show at my new studio space in Seattle, WA. This space represents a bit of a dream come true for me. After several years of working more with words and code and images, I really felt compelled to play with […]

What Have I Been Up To? New Showroom in Seattle

I am so lucky! Everyday, I feel that the world of jewelry design is my own personal jewelry box. I get to open up the (virtual) box daily and write about and feature the jewelry that most strikes my fancy. Well, now I’m even luckier…

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Garvin Fine Jewelry

Elizabeth Garvin makes jewelry that plays with pure essence. She refines and extracts forms down to their simplest–almost mathematical–form. All hand-made in her New York City studio…

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Sevan Bicakci

Sevan Bicakci is an artist. He is a sculptor creating artwork through stone carving. It just happens to be of a scale that can be called jewelry… Emerging Designer: Athomie

I’m pretty excited about Athomie, an Italian designer launching in the US market. Most jewelry is focused on visual beauty alone. Athomie…