Fashion Jewelry

Organic Alchemy: Raw, Rustic Jewelry

Sometimes, you just like it rough. There is a movement, picking up steam, that celebrates jewelry in an organic style. This is not an old-school ideal of precision and alignment, polish and perfection, down to the inclusion-free gemstones so carefully set. This is jewelry with heft and soul, bearing the marks of its creation. Akin […]

JCK Las Vegas Designer Dish: Tura Sugden and Blackbird And The Snow

JCK published the second in my series of profiles of exciting jewelry designers leading up to the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show! I love the opportunity to get to know emerging jewelry designers like Tura and Marie-Juilette, and look forward to seeing them soon…

Thoroughly Modern Mother’s Day Jewelry

Sorry that it has been a while since you’ve heard from me. It seems that #idazzletravels got a little out of control, but if you follow me on Instagram, you generally know where in the world I’ve been in the past weeks. In my travels, I have seen a few fun ideas for Mother’s Day, […]

Jewelry Trends from VICENZAORO The Boutique Show

If you’re been following my adventures on Instagram, you already know that my recent visit to the VICENZAORO jewelry show in Italy was pretty much a treasure trove of gorgeous jewels. VICENZAORO’s tagline is “The Future. Now.” I saw some definite…

Engagement Ring Trends: Beautiful Designer Engagement Rings Under $2000

I read recently that most Americans (58% to be exact) don’t want to spend more than $2000 for an engagement ring. An engagement ring is a highly personal exchange between two people who are committing to each other… Emerging Designer: Athomie

I’m pretty excited about Athomie, an Italian designer launching in the US market. Most jewelry is focused on visual beauty alone. Athomie…

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Borgioni Private Collection Jewelry

Sometimes, jewelry is so expressive, you love pretty much everything in a collection. This was my experience with the mother/daughter design team of Borgioni Private Collection. I met Rhonda (mother) and Tiffany (daughter)…

The Newest Way to Shop for Jewelry: Shopbevel

It’s not only the newest, but may be the most engaging and compelling iteration yet of a number of new jewelry sites. Shopbevel takes the crowd-sourcing design idea, and applies it to fashion jewelry…

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Mary Louise Designs

Every once in a while I see a designer working in fashion jewelry with a particularly deft hand. Someone who has their finger on the pulse of what is going on trend-wise–true to fashion–but who also has a sense of refinement and elegance…

A Visit to Lost Wax Studio in NYC

While in New York City recently for the Women’s Jewelry Association In The Know conference, I paid a visit to an interesting store in Nolita. Lost Wax Studio is an innovative approach to retail that you should drop by if you have a chance. In a charming storefront at 171 Elizabeth Street, you can often […]