Designer Spotlight

Sustainable Jewelry: Alexandra Mor Tagua Seeds Collection

There are a few jewelry designers that I continue to think about long after I have featured them. These are artists that seem to operate on a different wavelength and completely change the way I might think about a material or genre. Alexandra Mor is one artist whose aesthetic and mindset continues to captivate me. […]

A Gem’s Journey: Muzo Emeralds from Colombia to Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels

I recently had the pleasure of attending a special event in Los Angeles. It’s hard to resist the allure of gems, especially when those gems are the most vivid green and sought-after emeralds in the world, from the famed Muzo mine… Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Jamie Joseph Engagement Rings

Shhh. I’m going to let you in on a little jewelry secret. You know that incredibly popular designer with the gorgeous gemstone jewelry, Jamie Joseph? Yeah. That one. With the collectors that revere her like a rockstar and have at least one… Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Manya & Roumen Jewelry

I first became acquainted with Manya & Roumen a few years ago when I wrote this piece on bird jewelry. Their jewelry designs–dimensional, capricious–usually involve animals with character. Animals you might want to spend quality time with… Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Find Yourself in Colette Jewelry’s Blue Drift

One of the highlights of the Couture Jewelry Show is getting to visit Colette Jewelry and see what is new. Because there is always something very new: one-of-a-kind jewels, new collections, and jewelry… Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Arman Sarkisyan Jewelry

Elaborate. Byzantine. Exquisite. I can try and come up with a word that describes Arman Sarkisyan’s jewelry creations, but words, for once, seem inadequate. His jewelry surprises with intricate details. In his work, gemstones speak with authority…

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Pamela Huizenga Jewelry at Couture

It always starts with the shiny things. Children’s pockets full of interesting bits, collected throughout a day: stones, fossils, crystals. Like magpies, we’re drawn to the treasure hunt. For Pamela Huizenga, her fascination with color and gemstones began this way…

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Jenny Reeves San Francisco

It is my great pleasure to combine two favorite passions whenever possible: travel and jewelry. Travel is necessary for my perspective, knowledge, and empathy. I try to fuse travel with visiting jewelry designers on their turf…

Happy New Year from!

I’m still a little in awe of how things and people came together for me, personally and professionally, in 2013. This past year, I interviewed and profiled no fewer than 17 jewelry designers…

Current Obsession: Jacquie Aiche Body Jewelry

What has my heart a-flutter these days? To say that I’m moderately off-balance about the body jewelry of Los Angeles jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche would be an understatement…