About idazzle.com


Hello and welcome!

I have been writing about jewelry and the people who make it since 2008. I love delving into the true inspiration of emerging and established artists who use precious metals and gems as their medium. Through words and images, I try to connect jewelry designers to consumers who want to collect fine artisan jewelry. I am passionate about telling the stories of jewelry designers, and reporting trends.

Jewelry has always been my career and passion. Prior to 2008, I spent 12 years working in high-end independent jewelry stores, learning everything I could about gems, precious metals, designers and how the industry works. I founded and ran a website in 1998 that helped link thousands of consumers to reputable retailers in their area. Oh, and helped Amazon.com launch their jewelry store in 2004. I even went to so far as to get degrees from the Gemological Institute of America. Which gives me, you know, AUTHORITY.

Since July 2012, I am also the Editor of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group’s website. CJDG is an organization of independent jewelry design artists who are committed to the highest standards of processes, materials, and ethics in their jewelry design. I highlight these talented artists on idazzle.com from time to time.

I was the first blogger nominated for an Award for Excellence in Media from the Women’s Jewelry Association in 2013, and have been featured in trade magazines such as InDesign as an industry and style expert.

2013 brings new adventures in jewelry, with a showroom opening in Seattle for private clients and a few carefully curated fine jewelry designers. These are designers that are at the top of their game. The jewelry is a little edgy, totally modern, and allows for full self-expression.

Anyway, I am here to help. Please fill out the contact form below if you have jewelry-related questions, want to say hi, or are looking for a special piece of jewelry.