Ode to Las Vegas Jewelry Week: A Love Letter


#vegasshoes packed, outfits sorted.
Business cards and chargers and advil, but always always one thing forgotten.
Eyes bright, voice fresh, words come easily.
Never mind that we’ve never met; we are united in beauty, humbled by gems.

A day measured in increments:
5 carrot sticks, 3 pees, 1 cakepop, 40 images, not enough Instagram posts.
“I need to see you” is stated every way on every platform, was it text or DM?
Which three events to choose after 6pm…
But I get there, hard-earned drink in hand: ease. Candid fun.

Live for that electric chemical shock that happens when you see something NEW.
Palpable energy from some internal resonance.
Art. The highest skill. The truest innovation.
(Also, how to say, “I’ve seen this before” gently?)
Connections. New friends that feel familiar.
Old friends picking up that golden thread that never unravels.

Lakes in the desert.
Goosebumps in ballrooms.
Getting lost in acres of flowers.

Packing up; never never enough time to SEE.
Not the jewels, but people.
Remorse. Sometimes guilt.
Can we be kind enough to understand (priorities, allegiances)?
But also kind enough to ourselves (“next year, next time”).
In this, our jewelry community:
Love. It always comes back to this.

xx, Monica

Electric Night Bombay ring by award-winning designer Tomasz Donocik at Couture.

Aquamarines and rose gold magic by Suzy Landa at Couture.

Hot colors combine in this ring by Melissa of M. Spalten at JCK Design Center.

The gorgeous Amali opal pendant I won for the Cindy Edelstein Memorial Auction!

Fantastic gems at Pamela Froman at Couture…

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