CJDG Get To Know Sia Maravelias of Quadrum Gallery

There’s a new feature on the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group’s website called Get To Know. We will be interviewing the best, most innovative jewelry retailers, galleries and ateliers in the country! To kick this off, I interviewed Sia Maravelias, the Director of Quadrum Gallery in Boston, MA.

Sia is an incredible advocate for designer jewelry, eschewing trends in favor of wearing what you truly love, and has a passion for customer service that truly goes above-and-beyond. She also loves to travel and might enjoy a good Kettle One and soda on occasion!
Sia Maravelias Quadrum Gallery
Go visit CJDG’s site to read more and see how she curates some of the most fascinating designers working today, such as Todd Reed, Amali Jewelry, Jamie Joseph, Todd Pownell, Gurhan, Barbara Heinrich, and many more.

Todd Reed rings
Gurhan Moonstone Pendant
Barbara Heinrich jewelry
Jamie Joseph Aquamarine Ring
TAP by Todd Pownell

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