October, 2015

CJDG Get To Know Sia Maravelias of Quadrum Gallery

There’s a new feature on the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group’s website called Get To Know. We will be interviewing the best, most innovative jewelry retailers, galleries and ateliers in the country! To kick this off, I interviewed Sia Maravelias…

Sharing the Rough Documentary Coming to Seattle–and a Theater Near You!

Movies are brilliant. They capture our imagination as nothing else can: we’re transfixed by the big screen and stereo sound, and time passes unnoticed. Maybe that is why I’m so excited that there is a full length documentary devoted to…

idazzle + JCK

It’s been a while since my last post. A whirlwind of summer events and travel has segued into a Fall full of new adventures. There’s some really exciting developments in the works! I have been asked by JCK Events, the entity that runs the JCK jewelry trade shows in a variety of locations around the […]