CJDG In The Studio with Jennifer Dawes

As the Editor of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group website, I’m excited about our new “In the Studio” series! Combining travel and jewelry is my favorite thing to do, and visiting jewelry designers in the spaces where they create their jewelry is very inspiring. This time, I had the pleasure of visiting Jennifer Dawes in rural Sonoma.

Jennifer Dawes Tourmaline Rings

These Tourmaline rings come from one source, a family in Afghanistan, part of Jennifer’s collection of minimally faceted gems from sustainable sources.

I arrived at her home and studio, an hour plus drive north of San Francisco, a little bit hungry. Always gracious, Jennifer offered me scrambled eggs from her resident chickens! It was the perfect start to a conversation about her business and sustainability.
Jennifer Dawes Studio

Don’t you wish your studio had chickens?

Jennifer Dawes Studio

There are several buildings and a couple of airstreams on Jennifer’s property. I believe that qualifies as a “compound”.

After a tour of her studio, with work in various stages of progress, we sat in her lovely showroom, where she meets with clients to consult on custom jewelry design. We had a great conversation about her origins in jewelry (“I took my first jewelry-making class, and knew I had found my calling”), new jewelry designs she is excited about, sustainability and the changes made–and how far we still need to go. You can read the details of that conversation over on the CJDG website here.
Jennifer Dawes Studio

The lovely bench staff at Jennifer Dawes. Check out her ring stacks!

Jennifer Dawes Stacking Rings

New stacking rings from Jennifer Dawes.

Jennifer Dawes

The showroom at Jennifer Dawes.

Surrounded by Jennifer’s home–many elements have been repurposed to beautiful effect–and studio, I truly understood her aesthetic. Her jewelry reflects a graciousness and ease that is present here. She doesn’t just talk about responsible practices, she LIVES them. The result is truly sustainably beautiful. To reach Jennifer Dawes about her designs, contact her here, and to read the full conversation, click here.
Jennifer Dawes Bracelet

Still obsessing about this rose gold and moonstone bracelet I tried on in her studio.

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