The Year (Decade?) of Magical Thinking

Do you ever have that vortex-of-time thing happen to you? Where hours go by while you are with someone or doing something, and it’s never enough time? This happened to me about a week ago, when Jennifer Dawes of Dawes Design was visiting Seattle. Jennifer is a talented fine jewelry designer, gutsy entrepreneur, fearless crusader for sustainable sourcing and practices in jewelry, and a great friend and human being.

Jennifer Dawes ring

Transformation: Jennifer Dawes designed this ring around a heart-shaped Csarite gem from the Courtney Collection that is intentionally only slightly faceted by Jean-Noel Soni of Top Notch Faceting. The idea is to keep some of the inherent, natural beauty of the raw gemstone in place. This magical Csarite changes from kiwi green to pale pink depending on the light source, and the ring can also convert to a pendant.

We were at suspended lunch at Boat Street Kitchen near my idazzle studio when we both had a series of epiphanies that gave me, at least, goosebumps. We were discussing the future of retail in the jewelry business, responsible sourcing for gemstones–hashing out some of the major challenges of the jewelry market–when it hit me. We could start to solve any of those problems, through our brain power, hard work, collaboration, and our many intersecting connections with incredible people. Jennifer has a name for this: Magical Thinking.
Vicente Agor Hokule'a Opal pendant

Looking for a Sign: Vicente Agor wanted to design a collection of jewelry that celebrated native Hawaiians’ legend of Hokule’a, a voyager canoe navigated using ancient Polynesian techniques of the stars, moon, sun position, and ocean swells. When he found this opal in Tucson earlier this year, with the central figure of the surfer in the swells of the ocean of blue opal, Vicente knew he had the foundation for his new collection. Hokule’a was born.

I have reached a point in my life where I truly feel that if I can dream it, it can happen. Not in an irrational, child-like sort of way. It takes serious perseverance and some lucky breaks to realize most goals. There is a lot of hard work involved from idea to actual inception: lists, logistics, spreadsheets, documents, phone calls and endless emails. But there is other momentum afoot and I think it should be mentioned.
Erika Winters wedding band

Writer to Designer: Jewelry writer and photographer Erika Winters dreamed of designing her own collection of fine jewelry using historical diamond cuts and signature details. Earlier this year, Erika launched her signature Erika Winters rings in 18 karat gold and platinum to great acclaim.

At the recent Power of Blogging panel at the Las Vegas JCK Show, my fellow panelists–Danielle Miele, Barbara Palumbo, and Katerina Perez–mentioned the good things that have come through our blogs and social media: ideas, connections, opportunities. There is something about the free exchange of information and the tremendous cross-pollination of social media that makes us better than we could ever be as individuals. When we collaborate and support each other, as I feel is happening right now, we are better than just ourselves. We can harness the collective creativity and momentum that is out there.

I’ll tell you more about the specific ideas in future posts. But I want to know: what do YOU want to have happen in your life or business? Maybe if we give it a name or a voice, through a comment below or in social media, we can start to make it real. Hashtag #dreamitanddoit and #idazzle, and let the Magical Thinking begin!

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