Thoroughly Modern Mother’s Day Jewelry

Sorry that it has been a while since you’ve heard from me. It seems that #idazzletravels got a little out of control, but if you follow me on Instagram, you generally know where in the world I’ve been in the past weeks. In my travels, I have seen a few fun ideas for Mother’s Day, and wanted to pass along. Of course, I always advocate giving your blessed, sainted mother (can you tell that I am a mom?) the gift of TIME: a handwritten note, a piece of art, a bouquet you pick (or at least pick out) yourself, a massage certificate, time for a NAP or a manicure. But it’s always nice if that thought happens to be accompanied by something lasting, something with some sparkle, and in these cases, some heart.

The Sentimentalist Mom

I don’t think that the idea of personalized jewelry has been played out, at least not when it’s done in a refreshing, graphic way. Maja Arnold is a 20-year fashion industry veteran and Typography major who began her second career in jewelry after designing her own pendant in memory of her twin daughter. She wanted something meaningful and tangible as a reminder. Believing that everyone has their own story, Maja incorporates any combination of initials (up to six) into striking designs in silver or gold that are not just sculptural, but emotive for the wearer (and giver). You can contact Maja on her website here, and create something extraordinary.

Maja Arnold Initial Pendant

Maja Arnold silver initial pendant, custom designed around your individual combination of initials.

The Activist Mom

If your Mom has never met a cause she didn’t identify with, this Alex Woo pendant should be a hit. The very charming and talented Alex makes wearable, memorable little sculptures. In this necklace, motherhood and the beauty of Africa is celebrated with the etched lioness and her cub. A lovely bonus to this solid sterling silver pendant is that 20% of the proceeds benefits the African Wildlife Foundation whose efforts are in continual conservation of the African wildlife and wetlands. #jewelrythatdoesgood

Alex Woo African Cats Necklace

Alex Woo African Cats silver disc necklace, $158 retail.

The Multi-Faceted Mom

The multi-talented Efva Attling has been a model, rock star, and clothing designer, but came back full-circle to gold/silversmith in 1996. Since then, she’s won numerous awards and made her mark with “beauty with a thought”: jewelry designs that while lovely on the surface, often have a message or edge to them beyond the obvious sparkle. I like this bracelet of intertwined rings, that is intended to mean “you and I are linked together by love.” How’s that for a thoughtful gift?

Efva Attling You and Me Bracelet

Efva Attling “You and Me” bracelet in 18k gold with diamonds, $1225 retail.

The Super Hip Mom

I fell in love with these finn letters. Yes, we’ve seen lots of letters, but there’s something captivating about these and their slightly askew contours and lop-sided symmetry. In gold and diamonds, these finn letters give voice to how much you thought about the Mom in your life. They say “adore” but not too seriously. Available at Ylang23.

FINN Initials

Diamond initials from finn: add, layer and collect these charming pendants.

FINN a pendant

A little “a” by finn in gold and diamonds.

The Idealist Mom

If your Mom is always looking for the “triple-bottom-line” in an endeavor or purchase, then you need to acquaint her with Jennifer Dawes of Dawes Design. Jennifer had a focus on sustainable jewelry before it became a buzzword. This ring goes beyond responsible materials to make a larger impact: the center tourmaline gemstone came directly from an Afghanistan miner, and exemplifies mine-to-market positive impact. The fact that it is minimally fashioned by an award-winning cutter, and set into gold recovered from land fills is just the icing on this particular crystal cake. Responsible and beautiful is a perfect combination.

Jennifer Dawes Mineral Ring

Dawes Design Mineral Ring with raw blue tourmaline and white diamonds in 18k gold, $12,500 retail.

The Fighter Mom

I wrote about Kathleen Domick of Touchstone Jewelry for a holiday #idazzledesires, but I think this remarkable company should be mentioned again. If you have a fighter Mom in your life, someone who has met a struggle with cancer head-on, this gift is not only physically lovely, but a purchase benefits people going through treatment right now. Fingerprints are captured in wax, then cast into silver, plated, or 14k yellow or white gold disks that are used for rings, cufflinks, keychains or pendants. How perfect: pretty jewelry that makes a positive impact.

Touchstone Jewelry Rings

Touchstone Jewelry rings: cast fingerprints immortalize someone you love.

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