#idazzledesires: Keep Calm and Sparkle On

Today, #idazzledesires isn’t a thing. Not a tangible thing, anyway. This is a desire for calm. Peace. Reflection. Bliss, even.

This is about the time, in the arc of holiday time between actually enjoying the music and decorations to that frantic, last minute frenzy, where the proverbial Holiday Sh*t Meets the Fan. When you suddenly realize that:

The perfect thing you ordered three weeks ago hasn’t shown up.
You forgot your sister’s gift. Again.
That *@^$*#^% East Coast storm pattern better not mess with the items still arriving.
Your child tells you at 9pm the night before they have promised a “home-baked treat” for class tomorrow.
WTH are you really supposed to give the poor, beleaguered UPS guy when you are personally responsible for Amazon’s record sales?

If you have reached the “I just can’t even…” moment in the season (and we all have), here is something that I hope will help. It has helped me in the past couple of weeks. It’s a mantra from the indescribably lovely Cosetta of Pura Vita yoga. It goes something like this:

Nowhere to go.
Nothing to do.
No one to be.

Say it out loud. Say it again. Now close your eyes and imagine you’re in savasana, in a candlelit room. Soften your breath and say it again. I’ll say it with you.

This is the very best we can do. Enjoy the moment.

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