#idazzledesires: Walt Adler Chefitz Viawear Tyia Wearable Tech Bracelet

For today’s #idazzledesires, it would appear that I am making a bit of a reversal from handmade, old world jewelry recommendations. But I think in this case, another piece of technology, when worn as jewelry, might actually help us connect with each other in real life. Think of this gift being the gift of TIME: time spent not frantically checking a device every few minutes.

A lot has been written, tweeted, and memed (is that a word?) recently about “wearable tech” (read a recent NYT International article by Victoria Gomelsky here). The practical idea behind wearable tech is that as ubiquitous as our phones and handheld devices seem, for many women, our phones are often at the bottom of a purse or bag. Wearable tech is born of the fear that we might miss an important text, call or email. However, this Viawear Tyia bracelet could be visualized from the OPPOSITE idea: program this lovely bracelet and you can actually get back to what you really want to do: spend time with your kids, have fun with your friends, concentrate fully on what you want to do. You control the settings, so the bracelet will notify you for the really critical stuff.

Viawear Tyia Bracelet

Viawear Tyia Wearable Tech Bracelet.

I’m pretty much the target market for wearable tech: glued to social media for my work and a busy mom besides, plus what I like to wear most days does not include an easy way to keep my phone on my actual person (hello Helmut Lang leather leggings!). But I’m not gonna lie, most gadgets I’ve seen so far have left me completely cold: one device pitched to me looked a lot like a beam-me-up-Scotty communicator. When I found out that Walt Adler Chefitz, known for his own namesake jewelry designs, a former David Yurman designer, and guacamole chef, had designed a wearable tech bracelet, I was all ears–and eyes. The Viawear Tyia he has created with Ben Isaacson did not disappoint. Walt and Ben collaborated after an incident in 2012 where Ben’s wife missed a series of calls from a new babysitter letting her know that their five year old son had just broken his arm.
Viawear Tyia Bracelet

Viawear Tyia Bracelet in black with rhodium finish.

A soft leather bracelet doubles around the wrist, with a sleek rhodium or 18kt gold-plated plate on top, highlighted by a custom-cut quartz gemstone fused with mother-of-pearl that lights up when you instruct it. This bracelet doesn’t look like a gadget. It looks like tactile jewelry. But this jewelry will vibrate, increasing in intensity for the most important messages, and you get to decide which messages are most significant. Apparently other fashionable people think it looks great, too: the Tyia was a finalist for the Decoded Fashion ‘World’s Most Beautiful Wearable’ competition.
Viawear Tyia Bracelet
There’s a delayed gratification component to this gift idea. The Tyia is available for pre-order right now on their website here. But I’m sure the recipient would appreciate the thought enough to wait patiently until early 2015 for her bracelet. Walt and Ben’s wish this season is that no woman miss out on her life. Peace of mind is worth the wait.

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