July, 2014

idazzle.com Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Arman Sarkisyan Jewelry

Elaborate. Byzantine. Exquisite. I can try and come up with a word that describes Arman Sarkisyan’s jewelry creations, but words, for once, seem inadequate. His jewelry surprises with intricate details. In his work, gemstones speak with authority…

“Everyone Is a Writer”

I had a situation this week that made me question–at least for a few angsty moments–idazzle.com and what I do with my time. A month or two ago, I made a proposal to an organization. They must have liked my idea: they did almost exactly what I proposed…

#idazzletravels: Paris

Five weeks in Paris. It sounds luxurious, to say it out loud, or write it down. Our family is in Paris for five weeks, and in France for seven weeks total: mostly for work, but partly for pleasure. We’re two weeks into our trip, and feeling just a little like we live here. We have […]