Robert Procop Emerald Collection on Tour

When a group reaches a critical mass of talent, they just have to tour. I’m not talking about a rock band, although ‘The Emeralds’ would be a great name. This time I’m talking about some truly spectacular gemstones, some of which are such rarities they almost defy description.

Robert Procop Angelina Jolie Emerald

Emerald City: A rare and unique 39.01 ct natural formation from the mines of Colombia with vivid and intense green hexagonal prisms.

Robert Procop, yes, THAT Robert Procop, of Angelina Jolie “Style of Jolie” jewelry collaboration fame, has assembled a collection of emeralds that simply needs to be seen.

The breadth of the collection is nothing short of astounding. To even be in the possession of one or two of the gem specimens, for example, would be the work of years. But to see the full spectrum of what is represented, and to understand the gemological rarity of Emeralds of this color and quality…leaves me a little speechless.

Robert Procop Angeline Jolie Emerald

Robert Procop Emerald Crystal.

This collection, featuring natural specimens and polished jewels, will be touring the country at a few select boutiques around the US:

April 25-26th: Darren McClung Estate + Precious, Palo Alto, CA

May 2-3rd: Charles Schwartz & Son, Washington DC

May 8-10th: Donoho’s, The Woodlands, TX

Robert Procop Angelina Jolie Emerald

Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels 3.56 ct Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Ring.

Interview with Robert Procop

Robert took a break from working with the world’s most beautiful woman to answer my questions about his collection.

idazzle: I understand that you have worked with some of the most unbelievably rare gemstones in the world. Why emeralds for this tour?
Robert Procop: The unique qualities in each of these emeralds, their intense green colors, remarkable shapes and sizes, all contribute to my passion for these stones. The rarities in each are a wonder. We have faceted some of the finest emeralds from different parts of the world with a few noted rarities that have not yet been seen. The jeweler or private collector will truly be able to appreciate the beauty, treasure and value of each stone. Due to the emerald’s exceptional individual allurement, this travelling exhibit was created.

Robert Procop Angelina Jolie Emerald

Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels 23.03 ct Cushion Cut Emerald and Diamond Ring.

Yes, you have amassed a collection that amazes even gem experts. How many years of collecting does this represent?
I started collecting at an early age. Starting with diamonds, then eventually my pursuit for the rarest gemstones began. Since then, I have always looked for, collected, and traveled in search for “treasured gems.”

Some of the emeralds I use in my collection, I purchased years ago and stored them in a vault, and some others are new discoveries. The gems I use have been collected or gathered at different times and from different places.

These emeralds are from different origin sources around the globe. How did you manage to acquire them?
Gems are traded all around the world. Sometimes we have to hunt the far corners of the world, other times I will find a jewel through a client that walks into my studio. In the business of gem trading, we have built a reputation for buying only the finest gems and fortunately, sometimes they find their way to us.

I love it when the universe seems to find you! Is there an origin that you have a particular fondness for?
I don’t consider myself having a favorite. The Colombian emerald has the best hue of green and a reputation for hundreds of years as the best of its kind. The Zambian now have been producing some fine and brilliant emeralds as well. Both places produce some of the most beautiful emeralds and it is definitely hard to say which one I have a particular fondness for.

Robert Procop Angelina Jolie Emerald

Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels 7.06 ct heart-shape Emerald ring.

How close are you to the sourcing of the gemstones? Have you travelled to the site of any of the mines? Or is this all through trusted dealers around the world?
It is a combination of both. Part of the passion (and the work) is the constant hunt. I do not normally pass an opportunity to find or see what could be an exceptional jewel.

Will there be similar tours for any other gemstones? A Burmese Bunch? Ruby Round-up?
Yes! Currently, we are focusing on the Emerald show. However, we do have a spectacular sapphire show in the works for later on in the year called, “Rainbows of the Earth.” Sapphires come in many different colors and we wanted to showcase each of their exceptional beauties. From the magical hues of the Arizona sky to the vivid saturation of the Mediterranean Sea, to the different tones of the reds, yellows, and oranges that capture the moments of beauty in a sunset, or to the lush greens and deep infinite depths of black, we are planning to present a very colorful show.

I can’t wait to see that! What do you want people to see when they look at this collection?
I want people to see what I see: the beauty in the flaws of the emeralds. Emeralds are known for their inclusions. Some prefer to see the inclusions to validate authenticity. However, the flaws in the stone, are what I believe make them more beautiful. I want people to see more than the size or the color, but what also have made the stone what it is, imperfections and all.

Robert Procop Angelina Jolie Emerald

Robert Procop African Kryptonite Emerald Pendant: One of the rarest emerald specimens found in the world, this 100 ct natural form crystal emerald is certified by Dr. A. Peretti as being 106.53cts and having the exceptional quality of containing no oil. The emerald is Nigerian in origin and suspended in a striking kryptonite capsule pendant with 25.33ct tw of round diamonds sculpted around this rare gem.

I love that. We need to listen to their internal dialogue! What do you feel when you look at these emeralds, which clearly represent a labor of love?
I feel that these amazing gems are a gift from nature and God. I have often thought about how bewildering it is to hold something so precious and fragile, yet something that represents strength and love.

It is said that the Emerald is a symbol of loyalty, devotion and adoration. I can say that when I look at the emerald pieces we will be showing at the show, I feel an overwhelming loyalty and devotion to showcasing their beauty to the world for all to adore.

“A diamond is forever, but an emerald is divine.”

So beautifully said! I’m not ashamed to say that I, for one, will be a total groupie. I’m going to travel to catch the show. You’ll find me hanging around, snapping photos to boast about on Twitter and Instagram.

Hashtag? #emeraldtour

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