March, 2014

Sharing the Rough: Into the Mine!

I am on the precipice. Can I do it? The sun beats down on my uncovered head, dazzling my eyes against the dark hole yawning about seventy feet down below. I’m standing on the edge of a gemstone mine in Kenya, with a decision to make. It is now or maybe never. The mouth of […]

Engagement Ring Trends: Beautiful Designer Engagement Rings Under $2000

I read recently that most Americans (58% to be exact) don’t want to spend more than $2000 for an engagement ring. An engagement ring is a highly personal exchange between two people who are committing to each other…

Engagement Ring Trends: A New Setting for Old Diamonds, Erika Winters Bridal Jewelry

I feel so lucky to know a rather large network of jewelry writers and bloggers. All of these authors have their own voice and expertise, and add something elemental to the stories of jewelry. I love celebrating their successes and new…