On My Way…idazzle Goes to Africa

Ok, this is it! In a few hours I am boarding a plane that takes me, eventually, to Tanzania. From there, we’ll go on to Kenya. Some of the film crew from Sharing the Rough are already there, so you get a sneak peek below of what I will be seeing once I arrive on Thursday night.

Just packing for the trip has been an adventure. You have no idea how small a standard carry on bag looks, until you have it next to the small mountain of things assembled over the previous two months. As an accessories junkie, I find this especially challenging: I have been known to take 7 pairs of shoes on a long weekend to New York City! So, WWMW (What Would Monica Wear) in Africa? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see…

Orin, the Director of Sharing the Rough, gem cutter Roger Dery, and the film crew have been busy since arriving in Africa a few days ago. The still shots I’m seeing are making me very excited to see what is in store for me when I get there!

In this photo, the film crew was allowed to enter this mining site and–literally–crawl in. It’s not often that anyone apart from the owners or miners can have that kind of access. They got to see a a small pocket in the mine opened up, which is very rare, and sieve through the rough gems.

Mine site for Sharing the Rough

Mine site visited by Sharing the Rough film crew.

Here, Roger Dery, with mine manager Ziggy, is assessing a large pastel green Grossular Garnet in southern Kenya.
Grossular Garnet at the Mine

I’ll be there, on the ground, in a matter of hours (ok, days technically)! I’ll be your eyes and ears for East Africa, more soon…

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