Happy New Year from idazzle.com!

I’m still a little in awe of how things and people came together for me, personally and professionally, in 2013.

Paula Crevoshay

Paula Crevoshay, from her Garden of Light exhibit: this reminds me why jewelry is important, and how it is an art form.

This past year, I interviewed and profiled no fewer than 17 jewelry designers for my Jewelry Designer Spotlights and Contemporary Jewelry Design Group Conversations. Some of these were jewelry superstars like Paula Crevoshay, Alishan, Michael Good, Sevan Bicakci, and Wendy Yue.
Sevan Bicakci

A double ring from Sevan Bicakci, one of the current masters of jewelry craftsmanship.

Equally interesting were the emerging artists such as the kinetic Walt Adler, Athomie and Cornelia Goldsmith (one of this year’s JCK Rising Stars). I am always honored and humbled to tell the stories of those who create this jewelry: their inspirations, their experiences, and their passion.
Athomie Ear Cuff

Amazing ear cuff from new Italian designer Athomie.

In other highlights, I was honored to speak on a blogging panel at the Women’s Jewelry Association In The Know conference in March, meet new friends at the Couture and JCK Jewelry Shows, and be the first blogger nominated in the Media category for a WJA Award for Excellence in July.
Colette Steckel Hand Jewelry

Trying on this hand jewelry from Colette Steckel was a highlight of the Couture Jewelry Show.

I traveled to far-flung locales and got to see amazing jewels and designers in all of the places, like John Hardy’s compound in Bali, and Solange Azagury-Partridge’s showroom in London.
Bali Ulu Watu

I was inspired by the natural beauty and artistry exhibited everywhere in Bali.

I always set goals for each year. Rather than call them “resolutions,” which can have a negative connotation, I will call them thoughts or a narrative I will carry with me in 2014. Here are my wishes–for myself, and everyone around me:

To embrace change as positive and as an opportunity for growth.

To fully live the one life I have.

To be present in the moment to appreciate each minute (this is a hard one for me), especially with my family and the people I love.

To live a creative life each day.

To be motivated by integrity and truth versus monetary gain or superficial validation. Sometimes it seems easy to chase dollars or something that flatters the ego, but in the end, if I’m motivated by sincerity and truth, all the other things seem to fall into place.

I look forward to telling more stories, supporting emerging jewelry talent, and pursuing beauty in a number of forms.

My adventures start right away in early January, where I will be chasing the very origin of gems…in East Africa.

Here’s to a shiny new 2014!

Vicente Agor Precious Ring

What would I do without Vicente Agor and Michael Pfeffer?

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