Jewelry Gift Ideas: EnA Fine Jewelry Pendant #HintingSeason

This pendant from EnA Fine Jewelry design duo of Karen and James Moustafellos hits all the high notes. It is handmade in the USA. It’s fine jewelry, made of sterling silver. It is perfectly on trend with clean, geometric lines. It has a nice scale (about an inch in diameter). It even has interesting contrasting finishes on the metal and sparkling black diamonds. All for $295.

EnA Fine Jewelry Pendant

EnA Fine Jewelry Clasp Pendant in etched sterling silver with 4 black diamonds on 18 inch blackened sterling silver chain, $295 retail.

Think about that. For the cost of a holiday clutch bag, or a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes, you can have–or give, remember? It’s giving season, remember?–a piece of fine, handmade jewelry in precious materials that will last far, far longer* than almost anything else we can throw our money at.

I’m sure if you contact the nice people at EnA here, they can set you up.

*Notice I didn’t say forever. Although technically this piece COULD last forever, style changes. It happens.

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