Jewelry Gift Ideas: Todd Reed Diamond Earrings #HintingSeason

Today’s gift idea has drama, movement, and plenty of sparkle. Todd Reed has been making distinctive jewelry for more than 20 years (although you wouldn’t believe that if you met him in person…how is that possible?), often using raw diamonds in natural colors. He and his talented team of metal smiths hand-fabricate expressive jewelry in recycled metals that walk the knife edge of refinement and a little untamed.

Todd Reed Earrings

Todd Reed Constellation Earrings, in blackened silver with 18k wires and approximately 3.15 ct tw of natural fancy and white diamonds, $6600 retail.

I’ve seen these earrings in person, and while they are very arresting, they are infinitely wearable. The blackened silver creates a shadowbox backdrop for the multitude–about 3.15 carats worth–of cognac, grey, sable and white diamonds varying in size. The effect is of a constellation of diamonds scattered across the matte black background. The earrings drop from the ear and are hinged where the wire meets, allowing for the movement of the wearer to create a comet-trail of sparkle wherever they go…

These are available at Fox’s Gem Shop in Seattle, and a number of other retailers, you can check here for someone near you.

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