Jewelry Gift Ideas for Men: Delphine Leymarie Facets Cufflinks #HintingSeason

Today’s gift idea is geared for men. I love men. I definitely don’t want to leave them out of the whole gift-giving fray. Plus, sometimes you have to give a little to get a little, right?

This pair of cufflinks by Delphine Leymarie seems like the perfect pair to give this season. They are just the right size, substantial but not too heavy. They have an innate sparkle in the faceted metal, thanks to Delphine hand-carving the wax mold just so. They make a statement without going over-the-top. They are also available in 18k gold, if you need something extra, extra special.

Delphine Leymarie Facets Cufflinks

Delphine Leymarie Facets Cufflinks in sterling silver, $220 Retail.

Oh, and pssst…they would work for women, too. You could borrow them on the days you wear that french cuff shirt. It seems women always co-opt the best men’s stuff…

I happen to have these in silver at my studio, you can email me at for more information about how to get them, or go to Delphine’s website to check out her other offerings, here.

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