Current Obsession: Jacquie Aiche Body Jewelry

What has my heart a-flutter these days? To say that I’m moderately off-balance about the body jewelry of Los Angeles jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche would be an understatement.

Jacquie Aiche Body Jewelry Campaign

Jacquie Aiche Body Jewelry from their latest campaign, photo courtesy of Jacquie Aiche.

When I look at, my heart genuinely beats faster. It is unapologetically sexy. Women love it. Men are crazy about it. Everyone asks about it, and is, well, transfixed for a moment.
Jacquie Aiche Emerald Finger Bracelet

Jacquie Aiche Finger Bracelet with 7 ethically-sourced emeralds, in collaboration with Gemfields, available at

Jacquie Aiche Finger Bracelet

Jacquie Aiche finger bracelet with 12 diamonds in 14k gold.

Jacquie designs a collection of jewelry in an aesthetic with influences of nature, vintage, and something a little raw, a little on the edge. It’s like stumbling upon something shiny and precious, a treasure beside the beach among tidepools and driftwood.
Jacquie Aiche 5 Emerald Body Chain Gemfields Stone and Strand

Jacquie Aiche Body Chain with 5 ethically-sourced Emeralds, created in partnership with Gemfields, available at

I like the entirety of her jewelry collections: ear jackets and cuffs, fossil and gemstone rings, little waif rings that sit above the knuckle. But her body jewelry is where her innate sense of the human form and interesting design come together. Chains in just the perfect gauge wrap around your finger, then drape across the hand and fasten around the wrist. Available in a couple of fit sizes–small and regular–it should wrap most hands perfectly. White, rose and yellow gold ensure that no matter how you want to layer with your existing jewelry, it will work.
Jacquie Aiche Finger Bracelet with labradorite

Jacquie Aiche finger bracelet with labradorite and pave diamonds in 14k gold.

I’ve been wearing the yellow gold 9 Diamond version, and it has become part of my body. Literally: I do not take it off. I do a lot of yoga, and this hand jewelry adapts with ease. It looks a little fragile, but so far it has been fine with 24/7 wear. Granted, I am somewhat careful and thoughtful about wearing jewelry, so if you are really, truly crazy with your hands, this may not be an everyday piece for you. But I have been impressed with its belying strength so far.
Jacquie Aiche Finger Bracelet

Rings, left to right: Jacquie Aiche serpent ring in 14k rose gold; Jacquie Aiche Finger Bracelet in 14k yellow gold and 9 bezel-set diamonds, Leon Mege cushion diamond pave ring; Jacquie Aiche Waif ring on pinky.

And then there is Jacquie’s body chain design. Or, as I like to call it, “The Chain To Where?” These lariats circle over the head, coming together at the little hollow of your chest with an interesting centerpiece (a small kite-shaped cluster of diamonds, a bezel-set gemstone), then wrapping around to the small of the back and fastening. As with the finger bracelets, the clasps have multiple rings to adjust the fit exactly to your body.
Jacquie Aiche body jewelry

Jacquie Aiche layered body jewelry, necklaces and rings. Photo courtesy of Jacquie Aiche.

I’ve been wearing the rose gold fine chain with a pave bar of diamonds under pretty much everything, all the time. Again, it’s surprisingly durable. I love the constant graze of it around my waist–a subtle, secret reminder of something unexpected and beautiful. There’s a certain weight and substantial feel to the entire length of chain and clasp.

I’m happily shackled to the body jewelry of Jacquie Aiche. If you want to know where to see her jewelry, or for more information on the pieces featured here, email me at

Jacquie Aiche Body Chain

Jacquie Aiche Body Chain in 14k with 5 bezel-set diamonds and a labradorite bullet drop.

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