Jewelry Gift Ideas: Shamila Jiwa Pendants #HintingSeason

I’m counting down the holidays this season with a jewelry gift-a-day. Today’s choice is a pendant from Seattle-based designer Shamila Jiwa. Shamila has a way with gemstones. Each gem is carefully curated, and then exquisitely set to maximize its particular beauty.

For this Holiday season, Shamila has a number of pendants set up that are perfect for gifting. From Blue Topaz to Turquoise, she has a veritable rainbow of gems available. The designs are stripped to essential elements, yet feature thoughtful details. I’m partial to this pearl: each hand-selected pearl is as individual as the recipient who will wear it. This embodies the new, modern take on pearls I’m loving lately: lustrous, organic, with a little edge.

Shamila Jiwa Pearl Pendant

Shamila Jiwa pendant with cultured pearl and small pearl accent on chain. $98 Retail.

You can check out Shamila’s designs at her website, or email me at and I will put you in touch.

Hint away! You can see other gift ideas from Shamila Jiwa pinned to my #HintingSeason board on Pinterest.

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