Jewelry Gift Ideas: Vicente Agor Bracelets #HintingSeason

I have published all sorts of gift guides in the five year history of I’ve done gift guides by price range, and gift guides for jewelry essentials and designer jewelry. Actually, the entire site functions as one giant gift guide, a curated tour through the designer artisan jewelry world.

This year, I’m going to feature a different jewelry gift idea each day from now til December 24th. The gift ideas will be varied in style and price range, reflecting things that I’ve seen this year that have excited or enchanted me in some way. Ok…it’s stuff that I REALLY WANT myself, generally, but I think others will appreciate, too.

Vicente Agor Bracelets

Vicente Agor Friendship Bracelets, in 18k gold with diamonds on hand-knotted adjustable cords. Retails from $905 to $1245.

The first gift idea? These bracelets by Vicente Agor. He’s not only a favorite designer of mine, but a wonderful person and friend, too. I believe that good karma can transfer to objects, so, it follows that these bracelets will make your life much, much better.

He makes these in a variety of shapes for the gold center design, most with a few diamonds, and all with a sculptural, sinuous shape. They are on an adjustable cord, so you don’t have to worry about fit. Buy one for yourself, and one your BFF. Negative space never felt so positive.

If you are interested in Vicente’s work, email me at and I can put you in touch with their studio.

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