What Have I Been Up To? New idazzle.com Showroom in Seattle

I am so lucky! Everyday, I feel that the world of jewelry design is my own personal jewelry box. I get to open up the (virtual) box daily and write about and feature the jewelry that most strikes my fancy.

Well, now I’m even luckier. I am taking this concept one step further with a new studio/showroom where I will physically be able to showcase, feature, promote and connect private clients with the most exciting emerging jewelry designers!

The space is a loft, with a nice patina in a 100 year old warehouse not far from the water in Seattle. I had the walls painted a gallery white and the floors dark to create the foil for comfortable furnishings that let the jewelry—and hopefully art on the walls—take center stage.

idazzle.com Studio Seattle

The space is starting to come together…

Retail is changing, and this space will hopefully evolve into a new sort of hybrid: part showroom, part store, part gallery, part studio for my own writing, art and jewelry design.

I envision this as a salon space, in the French sense of the word, as in a gathering to please and educate. I hope that the space and events in the space pull people together and invite exploration, discussion, and appreciation.

Tomorrow night, around 50 people will come celebrate the opening with me. To kick things off, I have the honor of hosting Seattle-based jewelry designer Shamila Jiwa. I profiled this award-winning designer here last year, and she continues to inspire and delight me with her amazing gems and settings carefully crafted around them.

Shamila Jiwa Rings

Shamila Jiwa luscious gemstone rings in her signature silver.

In addition to Shamila, I will have a collection of jewelry from Delphine Leymarie, a French-born designer living in New York City. Delphine’s designs, in reclaimed 18kt gold and silver, are very sculptural, reflecting her love of carving the forms from wax. She has a way of perfectly capturing a modern design aesthetic that is fresh but still classic.

Delphine Leymarie Jewelry

Delphine Leymarie Jewelry.

And I am so happy to introduce the jewelry of Los Angeles designer Jacquie Aiche to the Seattle market. I’ve been in love with her body jewelry since I saw it at the Couture Jewelry Show this past summer. All handmade, her jewelry is suited for layering on necks, ears, hands and the body for ultimate personal expression.
Jacquie Aiche Jewelry

Jacquie Aiche jewelry.

I’m so grateful for the warm reception and excitement friends and family have shown for my new endeavor. I truly could not do this without them, or you! I’ll post pictures from the event soon, and let you know how it went.


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