Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Sevan Bicakci

Sevan Bicakci is an artist. He is a sculptor creating artwork through stone carving. It just happens to be of a scale that can be called jewelry. The settings for the stones he carves are as much a piece of art as the stones they are designed to hold. His rings are all one-of-a-kind and fashioned in 24kt gold and sterling silver, layered and nuanced.

Sevan Bicakci Ring

Sevan Bicakci’s mystical underwater world: luminous shells beneath the surface of the gemstone, one opened to reveal a pearl. A mix of real sand combined with the smallest of diamonds cover the ocean floor–all precisely carved inversely inside the rock crystal.

This is someone who feels deeply, thinks carefully, and is hyper-observant of his surroundings. Turkey, especially Istanbul, is absolutely essential to his creations. Sevan’s aesthetic is interlaced inextricably with his sense of place; the history of his native Turkey. There is a contradictory element to his design: the pull back of an old world sense of craft and value, in opposition to an edge of mystery and modern, pushing us forward.

Sevan Bicakci Ring

Sevan Bicakci Pomegranate Ring: In Turkey, pomegranates are a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Various versions of pomegranates, some blood red and others of brass and metal, line the entrances to stores in Istanbul or are captured in artwork in the grand bazaar. In this ring, Sevan has carved the fruit nested together showing a gift of abundance and blessings to the wearer. Sapphires and tourmalines make up the shapes of the blood-red seeds along the side of the ring, surrounded by diamonds. There is old ritual in which the fruit is thrown, and the more seeds are spread, the more prosperity is augured for the year ahead.

From the top, the gemstones are polished or faceted with an expected finish. But winking beneath the surface is an apparition from Sevan’s mind, carved into the stone by his own hands. An owl may gaze at you, complete with a sage expression. Or wings, each feather impossibly defined in the stone’s matrix. If you’re lucky, you can see and hold a piece of his micro-mosaic jewelry, which I think is the true definition of insanity: entire landscapes of design created from almost microscopic tiles of gemstones.

Sevan Bicakci Double Finger Ring

Sevan Bicakci Double Finger Ring: two diamond encrusted birds hold a carved bouquet of fresh flowers in bloom, and cushion a large diamond solitaire in the center.

I heard a great story from someone who knows Sevan very well. She said that when she first met him and he was still refining his gem-carving, he broke lots of gemstones trying to unlock his vision within the stones. As he grew more experienced with his craft, they all expected less damage, less breakage. But he still seemed to go through a lot of gemstones, even as his skills grew extraordinary. When he was asked about it (why are you still breaking stones?), Sevan answered “because I am now attempting more and more intricate designs.” He still sees himself very much as an apprentice, needing to learn more, express more.

Sevan Bicakci Pendant

A genie in a bottle: Sevan Bicakci pendant.

Sevan Bicakci Earrings

Sevan Bicakci earrings with natural colored diamonds and dove carvings.

Sevan Bicakci Cuff Bracelet

Sevan Bicakci Cuff Bracelet with Chainmaille links and religious iconography.

Yes, the rings are large. Yes, the settings can be extravagant in their scale and exuberance. But, oh! The details! Sevan’s jewelry asks for exploration. It can’t be consumed in one sitting. You have to look closely. Be open. If you are ready, you will see something you didn’t expect.

This is what jewelry is supposed to be. Where your heart beats faster and your imagination takes flight.

For more information on any of Sevan’s designs, contact me here, or you can call ViewPoints at (800) 237 9477.

Sevan Bicakci Ring

Sevan Bicakci Ring with a bird in wing in a blue sky surrounding a center diamond solitaire.

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