American Jewelry Design Council Exhibition at the Forbes Galleries NYC

For 25 years, the American Jewelry Design Council has been promoting the work of independent American jewelry artists. Before this important non-profit started in 1988, the perception was that only European-trained masters could be revered for their innovative designs. But jewelry design was being increasingly influenced by rogue American designers–often self taught–and the AJDC was formed to educate and promote jewelry as a respected art form and put these artists and metalsmiths on the design map.

Christo Kiffer Explosion Ring

Christo Kiffer Explosion Ring.

To celebrate their 25 years of growth and discovery, the AJDC has organized a retrospective show of forty jewelry designer members. Since 1996, the AJDC has challenged their members annually with a design contest that embodies a theme, often a single evocative word (“Water” or “Flight”) that the designers then create around. “The jewelry pieces shown at the Forbes exhibition have been created over time for the sole purpose of exhibiting creativity, originality and excellence in design,” says Barbara Heinrich, President of the AJDC. “They are purposely noncommercial but rather inspirational in nature, created by some of the foremost American jewelry designers alive. Due to the unique nature and concept of the show, it is sure to excite and inspire its audience.”

Mark Schneider Ice.

Mark Schneider Ice.

Variations on a Theme: 25 Years of Design from the AJDC” opens September 21st, 2013 and runs through February 22nd, 2014. The exhibition will be at the Forbes Galleries, located at 62 Fifth Avenue, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 12th Street, in New York City.

Falcher Fusager Sphere

Falcher Fusager Sphere ring.

The collection promises to represent the height of creative jewelry design; ideas that are not meant to be commercial, but to push and stretch the boundaries of fine jewelry as an art medium. Many of these designers I know and love. I’ll definitely be visiting the Forbes Galleries when I’m in New York City later this Fall.
Kent Raible Pyramid.

I hope that you can go see these talented jewelry artists, each representing the height of their unique craft. Here is the list of jewelry designers represented at the exhibition, you might recognize some of these names from mentions and profiles on
Sandy Baker
Jane Bohan
Whitney Boin
Michael Bondanza
Petra Class
Jaclyn Davidson
Falcher Fusager
Geoffrey Giles
Cornelia Goldsmith
Michael Good
Sarah Graham
Alishan Halebian
Ron Hardgrove
Barbara Heinrich
Susan Helmich
Jose Hess
Cornelis Hollander
John Iversen
Scott Keating
Christo Kiffer
Steven Kretchmer
Pascal Lacroix
Anthony Lent
Linda MacNeil
Gregory Morin
Jennifer Rabe Morin
Adam Neely
Mark Patterson
Kent Raible
Paul Robilotti
Todd Reed
Alan Revere
Susan Sadler
George Sawyer
Mark Schneider
Willaim Schraft
Tina Segal
Diana Vincent
Barbara Westwood

Alan Revere Explosion

Alan Revere Explosion.

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