#idazzled: New Body Jewelry by Colette Steckel

Gear Shift

A trend to watch this Fall is the creative Art Deco interpretations that some jewelry designers are inventing. I’m calling it post-Deco. This new body jewelry by Colette Steckel exemplifies this trend, plus my current preoccupation for jewelry that wraps and drapes body parts other than just fingers, necks and wrists.

In this deconstructed Deco interpretation, Colette strips cogs and gears down to their essence.

Manacle me!

Colette Hand Jewelry

Colette Jewelry hand jewelry featuring 18kt white gold, diamonds and moonstones that span from wrist to finger.

Colette Foot Jewelry

Rather adorn your feet? Colette Jewelry has that covered.

Colette Gears Hand Jewelry

Colette Jewelry hand jewelry: this bar follows the contour of the back of your hand for a new way to wear jewelry.

For more information, or to purchase, contact Fragments at Fragments.com or call 866-966-4688.

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